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[icon] The unified 3D web - Musings of the hippygeek
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Subject:The unified 3D web
Time:01:20 pm
I made a very brief comment on a previous post that said "X3D + AJAX = ...I wonder".

This was a simplistic first thought about a converged online 3D world, a 3D extension of the web. A website, but with X3D instead of XHTML. In fact, I think that a single web "site" should be available in both, but that's a different discussion about sick uses of XSLT.

I first got interested in Second Life when I heard about the open source side of their development on LUGRadio. I set up an account but couldn't play it because my hardware wasn't good enough. Now I've just been watching a Google Techtalk Video on SecondLife and I'm even more interested. It really is an amazingly complex online world where people "write" objects in code and even make real money. I can't help but make a parallel here with The Matrix. This is voluntary habitation of a world which is purely virtual but shares an awful lot of properties of the real world with a complex physics engine and social organisations, currency etc. And it's huge!

I also know about another project called Open Croquet and it all got me thinking. Why are all these online worlds separate? Shouldn't the online world be as much a unified thing as the web? Why can't you just pop your WoW avatar into SecondLife? Not that I currently have either.

When I first heard about people buying "Real Estate" in SecondLife I couldn't believe people were actually paying *real* money for *virtual* land which can be copied for virtually no cost, I really couldn't comprehend why anyone would do that. But watching the Tech Talk I've realised that isn't actually that insane. The entire simulation of SecondLife exists on servers, the client is very thin indeed. What you're actually paying is a hosting fee, you're paying for them to rack mount and maintain a server!

When they add land to the SecondLife world they literally just add a new server and have code which connects the edges together. Lindon Labs who make SecondLife have talked about Open Sourcing their code. What if *anyone* could host their own land on their own server in a unified 3D online world and registering it's location in that world was just like registering a domain name with DNS? What if the web was 3D?

After thinking this, an article popped up on Wired suggesting that perhaps all of these separate worlds are just a transitional stage and eventually we will have a unified 3D world on the Internet. Exactly what I'm thinking :)

Of course there are massive technical challenges here in allowing the distributed and decentralised hosting of an online world and lots of open standards to work on. The SecondLife online world is transferred to the client by a complex combination of vectors, textures, sound etc. and all of these need to seamlessly interoperate. There are huge social and legal issues touched upon in the Techtalk to think about too.

I'm just pleased that the people in SecondLife and the people in OpenCroquet are the right kind of people to be building this unified online world, I just hope that they don't keep SecondLife tucked away on their own servers forever as a propriatory solution. We don't want one company playing God in the virtual world.
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Time:2006-03-25 06:31 pm (UTC)
We don't want one company playing God in the virtual world.
definetly not.
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Time:2006-03-26 03:04 pm (UTC)
Nevermind Benny, get some sleep, you'll feel much better in the morning. Or so they tell me.
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Time:2006-03-27 10:07 am (UTC)
Hoho very funny.

I find comfort in the fact that most great thinkers are considered crazy in their time. They tell me it's the crazy ones who change things, then again there are madhouses full of the crazy ones who change very little. It'll be fun to find out which side of the padded walls I end up on.

They'll be laughing on the other side of their faces when they wake up one morning and...
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Time:2006-03-27 11:57 am (UTC)
Alas I fear you aren't crazy, just driven. Though arguably the two are the same to a degree. I however am going crazy, I keep hallucinating...welll this is what stress will do to you, or so the voices keep telling me :D!

Chin up muffin man,

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Subject:Re: Hmmm...
Time:2006-03-28 02:01 pm (UTC)
Driven is possibly the most apt word to apply to Ben. :-P
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Time:2008-04-11 11:29 pm (UTC)
In general, Las Vegas is not a place for families, and it is felt. The hotel, at my request, issued cot with curbs. But in any restaurant, where we were not given any pictures for shading and pencils, no plastic cup with a straw, which is the normal practice for Boston. Purely from child smiled, talked with him, but with glasses was just a tragedy. It was decided not to visit Sam use his mug, like, as we have. In the morning, I just missed the net for a mug of coffee and pouring juice there. In the evenings there are least.

In Simi eat restaurants and well-acted, with the exception of high drinking cup, nothing to complain about. Day, we, adults, the idea arose not eat, I fed Sam drawn from Boston steep eggs and yogurt (in the room has a refrigerator).

In casinos children should not, and when I am doing after breakfast with a focus five dollars in one ear and drawing from another surprise in Lena, it is pointed at us. In casinos also smelly cigar smoke and in the evening there for the child is not in any case.

But this was not a problem. Agenda of the three of us was something that we should - and the restaurant morning walk on the afternoon - water treatment and sleep, in the evening - a walk and a restaurant, after which Sam fit to sleep, as we have already enjoyed nightlife in light Sin City.

Certainly, without Sam, we would be moving faster and looked to total more, but we already enough. Overall, a positive experience.

An interesting for children, which we have not seen:
-- Circus Circus Hotel
-- TI Hotel
-- off the Strip: Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Pro tigers, I read: "the tiger that mauled his trainer is not on display."
A lions we saw in the "MGM Grand". But it is, perhaps, other lions.
Ceiling in Bellagio checked.
Dolphins - did not go. I did not see the pirates.
But at the Monorail film.
Venice classroom, and the fountain of Roman gods there, we did not see ...
The best was that L. relaxed and got pleasure.

We had 3 nights. And after an unscheduled Park in Utah.
-- off the Strip: Fremont Street Experience
and more.

And we lived there a couple of nights with two sharp on the road from one national park to another. The children were six and ten - we still won labeled kept throwing into the pot plush dozen rubber chickens. Younger then all excellent, especially fireworks and illumination, called Las Vegas.
And in Bellagio, we do not hit - exactly because of the ban on children (and do not need to read guidebooks!) And there is a glass ceiling work Chihulli David!
But seen white tigers and lions before, when they sozhrali animal trainers, and dolphins (a Mirage). And pirates battle with the British and riding over Stripom Monorail. I have a fountain with ozhivayuschimi scandal for the Roman gods (where this is a pseudo-Venice as a shopping mall)
In short, children liked scared, and her husband died of honour not anguish and disgust. I also liked, especially not lead ten o'clock in the day and in the pool otmokat.

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Subject:MGM Mirage
Time:2008-06-22 08:12 pm (UTC)
MGM Mirage announced this morning a joint venture with a company to build a mixed use facility in Vegas, a very industrial port city about an hour from Nevada. The plan includes two towers that includes a luxury hotel, residential units, a spa and, of course, convention space. Oh, and a 350-room MGM Grand plus 50 SkyLofts Vegas and 60 residences.

What will definitely be missing? GAMING! The US government won't allow it anywhere other than Vegas, at least not yet. Hence we have the MGM Mirage's first step towards moving on globally from casinos. Remember, CEO Terry Lanni recently suggested they might split the company and have one arm focused on hospitality? This would seem like the first significant stop, which surprises me because I thought they'd build some more MGM Grands in the U.S. first.

But here's the real thing. I've been to Las-Vegas. It's a gross place. Awful. See? Polluted like Nevada, but no culture, no important historic monuments, nothing but an overcrowded port.

So why, why, why is MGM Mirage staking their first overseas non-gaming venture there? I don't mean to doubt the potential profits to be had and I suspect the city has offered an unbeatable tax deal given that this could put the place on the map for the West in a small way.

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[icon] The unified 3D web - Musings of the hippygeek
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